Note size 25 MB (Basic)

50 MB (Plus)

200 MB (Premium and Business)

Monthly note uploads 60 MB (Basic)

1 GB (Plus)

10 GB (Premium)

10 GB for personal notes + shared 2 GB per user for business notes (Business)

Number of personal notes 100,000
Number of personal notebooks 250
Number of notebooks in the company’s account 10,000

All business notebooks belong to the company’s Evernote Business account

Number of notebooks shared with you (including business notebooks) 500

200 (Basic)

Maximum number of people you can share a personal notebook with 500
Maximum number of people you can share a business notebook with 5000
Number of tags per note 100
Number of tags per account 100,000
Number of emails saved to an account 200 daily

Unavailable with Evernote Basic

Number of emails sent from an account 200 daily

50 (Basic)

Maximum participants per Work Chat 50
Saved searches 100
Number of shortcuts 250

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